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The environment is everyone's heritage and therefore each of us is called upon to make a concrete commitment to safeguarding and protecting it.

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Go.Trans and the Environment
The environment is the heritage of everyone and therefore each of us is called upon to make a concrete commitment to protect and safeguard it. Go.Trans S.r.l.u has made this concept its own and has created a corporate culture around it based on operational efficiency in order to minimize its impact on the environment.

This energy saving has been made possible by several factors:

  • the constant renewal of our fleet, which boasts only and exclusively Euro6 class vehicles with the lowest fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.
  • the maintenance of our vehicles in terms of efficiency thanks to scheduled maintenance carried out entirely by official dealers.
  • the selection of commercial partners who share the same commitment and the same values in the implementation of a "green" policy.
  • the use of technologies capable of constantly monitoring the use and the driving style of our vehicles.
  • constant feedback from our drivers thanks to the data collected by the tractor control units.
  • the reduction to a minimum of the empty mileage of our vehicles through careful planning of the trips to be made.
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Go.Trans and Safety
In absolute compliance with the legal regulations, the staff is periodically called upon to carry out all the safety checks required. These activities are delegated to companies that are widely recognized for their professionalism in the field of maintaining health and safety standards in the workplace.

Particular vaunt of our company is connected to the full knowledge of being able to return quality and courtesy through all our operators in charge of carrying out specific functions.
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