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Container Transport
There is no efficient economy, in the modern sense, without an adequate transport and logistic system, and our Company has always aimed to maintain a constant willingness to face this reality. We have achieved this by focusing our efforts, without any pretension of exhaustiveness, making available to our customers the appropriate resources in order to make container transport by road convenient as well as highly flexible with the aim of generating positive externalities for the development of our customers' business.

Road Transport
The company's core business is road and intermodal container transport, which we have been carrying out for 40 years, guaranteeing our customers a tailor-made, high quality service. Our vehicle fleet boasts the latest generation of vehicles capable of meeting all transport needs, from the high value and high risk (HV/HR) transport of goods to ADR transport. All the vehicles are also equipped with GPRS localization programs that, in addition to providing the highest safety standards, allow an efficient and flexible management in the execution of the service, as well as the variable geometric semitrailer fleet is able to meet the transport requirements of the various container units mainly in use on the navigation lines.

Transport by rail
Our company has always been extremely attentive to the developments that have arisen over the years, making it capable of efficiently integrating the different transportation methods for the handling of containers, enhancing the performance of this activity according to an eco-sustainable approach. We did this to ensure not only an exploitation of the strategic positioning to and from the various loading / unloading points but also to obtain the efficiency and effectiveness of the entire transport system, with the final aim of maximizing the level of service in terms of volumes without losing the reference in terms of quality and competence. Thanks to our partnership with Mercitalia Intermodal (FS Group), we are able to offer intermodal services for the port of Genoa as well as the possibility of shipping containers to northern Europe and China (new Silk Road service).
Go.TRANS > services
Terminal Container
In order to offer greater flexibility in the execution of transport and, last but not least, a service that can be considered as complete as possible, we have paid particular attention to have a Terminal able to offer all maintenance and repair services also with special and/or special fittings specifically dedicated to shipping companies and various traders in the container world.

VGM Weighing Service
By the acronym VGM (Verified Gross Mass) It means the exact gross mass verified with reference to the total weight of a container, which is obtained by adding the net weight of the goods, the packaging material and the weight of the tare weight of the container. Since July 2016 this operation has been made mandatory through the SOLAS convention and is a prerequisite for the embarkation of the goods on the ship. Inside our terminal we offer a certified service of dynamic container weighing thanks to software and systems directly mounted on our self-propelled vehicles, so that we can return secure data and offer the most complete service possible that goes beyond the traditional handling.

Container Maintenance & Repair Service
With decades of experience in M&R we offer our customers a careful and scrupulous container repair and appraisal service able to meet the needs of the main shipping lines up to more specific requests for special fittings or container reconversions.